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Mackinac Island

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(Two island locations: across from Horn's Bar and Horse Corral mall. )

Mackinaw Old Time Portraits




Mackinac Island Non-Fiction (and DVDs and CDs)

Looking for gift ideas for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays, etc? Why not a Coffee Table Book, a Cookbook, CD, DVD or some other unique item depicting the beauty of the Straits of Mackinac? We add new items to this section frequently, so please check back soon.

Settled in the 1600s by Jesuit Priests, possesion of Mackinac (pronouced Mack-in-aw) Island was fought for during the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. It also housed Confederate prisoners during the Civil War. A popular tourist destination since the early 1800s, people travel from all over the world to visit Mackinac Island and the Mackinac Straits area because of its rich local history. Learn more from one of our featured non-fiction selections.

Gardens of Mackinac
by Jack Barnwell

Beautiful photos and descriptions of Mackinac gardens created by Barnwell Landscaping.

Price: $18.00

Let's Explore Mackinac IslandThe Soldiers of Fort Mackinac
by Phil Porter

Mackinac State Historic Parks’ director Phil Porter tells the story of Fort Mackinac through the lives and activities of its soldiers. This book is profusely illustrated with more than 150 historic oil portraits, maps, and photographs collected from libraries and museums across the United States and Great Britain.



Price: $39.95

Let's Explore Mackinac IslandInside Grand Hotel: A Timeless American Treasure(DVD)

Enjoy this fascinating history of Grand Hotel featured on public TV!

Price: $19.95

Mackinac Adventures
by Lynda and Steven Hepker

Overview of living on Mackinac Island written by island residents.


We Live on Mackinac Island

Booklet created by the Mackinac Island Public School students as a fund-raiser for the school. They answer many of the common (and sometimes funny) questions they receive as island residents such as "What time does the bridge swing over?"

Price $1.50

Walk a Crooked Trail
by Frank Straus and Brian Dunnigan

Learn about the fascinating history of Mackinac's popular Wawashkamo Golf Course.

Price: $29.95

A Picturesque Situation: Mackinac Before Photography, 1615-1860

by Brian Leigh Dunnigan

Drawing on decades of research, Brian Leigh Dunnigan presents a stunning collection of pre-photographic images of Mackinac including maps, plans, drawings, engravings, and paintings complemented by a comprehensive, thoroughly researched, and eminently readable text. No collection of Michigan history is complete without a copy of this superb volume. --Phil Porter, director of Mackinac State Historic Parks

Price $75.00

Historic Cottages of Mackinac Island
by Susan Stites
and Lea Ann Sterling

A pictorial guidebook to seventy-three cottages built on Mackinac Island, Michigan between 1870 and 1910. Historic photos from private collections and the Mackinac State Historic Parks's archives are interspersed with contemporary color photos of each cottage. Biographies of early cottage occupants, details of the cottage architecture, and interesting anecdotes from a hundred years past, the Gilded Age.

Price $40.00

Let's Explore Mackinac IslandLet's Explore Mackinac Island
by Ms. Hen

Interesting facts, important history, and places to discover are inside this book.

Price: $9.95

Mackinac Island: Inside, Up Close, and Personal
by Dennis O. Cawthorne

Cawthorne's half century of living and working on the famed northern Michigan resort island provides a colorful, entertaining, and comprehensive history of social, economic, and political events which have shaped Mackinac Island in the last 50 years.

Price: $40.00

The Flavors of Mackinac

This cookbook (compiled by The Mackinac Island Medical Center) is filled with favorite island recipes.

Price $18.00

Mackinac Island: Three Hundred and Fify Years of History
Robert E. Benjamin

This guide to the history of Mackinac Island will increase any visitor's enjoyment of this beautiful and historic island. This chronological account of the significant events in the island's history is illustrated by fascinating photos both current and historical.

Price $7.95

Mackinac Album

by Robert E. Benjamin

Enjoy fascinating Mackinac photographs from the Benjamin collection taken from the late 1800s until the present.

Price: $12.99


Let's Explore Mackinac IslandMackinac Island Cottage Cookbook
by Marcia Dunnigan & Barbara Toms
Artwork by Sharon Griffes Tarr



A fun cookbook from Island cottagers!

Price: $29.99


Thoreau at Mackinac: Selected Writings of Henry David Thoreau with poetry and prose from Mackinac Island
Mackinac Arts Council

To celebrate Thoreau's bicentennial and commemorate his 1861 visit to Mackinac with Horace Mann, Jr., the Mackinac Arts Council invited entries of music, writing, and visual art for a concert, gallery exhibit and the publication of this volume.



Mackinac Island: Its History in Pictures
by Eugene T. Petersen

Mackinac State Historic Parks recently reprinted this classic historical book about Mackinac.

It is a fascinating history of Mackinac Island is captured in 360 historic photographs and drawings.


Price: $18.00

Downtown Mackinac Island
by Steven C. Brisson

Mackinac State Historic Parks maintains the largest archive of historic photos of the Straits of Mackinac. Enjoy these historic photos of the downtown area.


Price: $26.95


Four Seasons of Mackinac Island
by Daniel Tomaszewski

This award winning videographer spent a year capturing the attaction and awesome beauty of Mackinac Island. A narrative provides the history of the island as well as a description of what visitors enjoy today.

Price $22.95

100 Things to do on Mackinac Island Before You Die
by Kath Usitalo

The perfect book to read to plan activities you will want to do when you get to Mackinac Island!

Price $16.00

Mackinac Fudge RecipesMackinac Fudge Recipes: 16 Delicious Recipes


Price: $3.99

Dreams of Mackinac

by Charles Jansen

96-page, full-color
soft-cover book featuring more than 75 color photos of
beautiful Mackinac Island, Michigan.

Price: $15.95

Mackinac Island
Images of America

By Tom North




Price: $21.95

Dreams of Mackinac

by Charles Jansen

96-page, full-color
soft-cover book featuring more than 75 color photos of
beautiful Mackinac Island, Michigan.

Price: $15.95

Haunts of Mackinac: Ghost Stories, Legends and Tragic Tales of Mackinac Island
by Todd Clemens


Price: $14.95

Haunts of Mackinac: The Next Chapter
by Todd Clemens




Price: $14.95

Local AuthorsThe Legend of Mackinac Island
by Kathy-jo Warginn
Illustrated by Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen

Beautifully illustrated story incorporating Indian legends of Mackinac Island. Retells the story of the great turtle Makinauk that enlists the aid of other animals to help create the special place known as Mackinac Island.

Price: $17.95

Mackinac IslandMackinac Island
32 pages





Price: $5.95

Wish You Were Here: An Album of Vintage Mackinac Postcards
by Steven C. Brisson

Drawing from the burgeoning Mackinac State Historic Parks collections, the book provides over 200 full-color examples of postcards, from their late 19th century roots through the middle of the 20th century. Mackinac lovers will be fascinated by the way their favorite spots have changed or remained the same over the last 100 years.

Price $12.95
Price $14.95

Historic Mackinac Island Visitors Guide

A handy guide with an excellent map for first time visitors.

Price: $2.00

Fudge: Mackinac's Sweet Souvenir
by Phil Porter

Mackinac Island and fudge. Both symbolize indulgence, fantasy and escape. But there's more to fudge than sugar, butter, chocolate and cream. In this book, historian Phil Porter stirs up the past to find the hard work and sometimes bitter controversy behind this sweet souvenir. In his hunger for truth and historical accuracy, Porter dug deep into the kitchens and cupboards of the fudge culture. No appetite for history, no taste for sweet truth will be satisfied without reading Fudge: Mackinac's Sweet Souvenir.

Price $9.95

Ice Bridge: Mackinac Island's Hidden Season

DVD made by island filmmaker and composer Mark Rensel and co-producer/narrator Jenifer Silvernale.

Premier edition of a new film, a journey to Mackinac Island's other side...Experience the breathtaking transformation that happens across the ice bridge. Distilled from over five years of extraordinary footage.

Price: $22.95

Mackinac Island Meditations

by Mary Lou Peters

Artist Mary Lou Peters' book is illustrated with her beautiful watercolor images of Mackinac Island and sprinkled with special meditations linked to the images.

Price: $16.95


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