Being Dorothy (In a World Longing for Home)

Being Dorothy (In a World Longing for Home)

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by Michele Olson

Book 2

1980 has rattled Dorothy Cooper's world.  Disillusioned, she drops off the grid after more than a decade of dedication to The Service, a highly secretive organization. An expert at hiding, being found in less than a year reinforces Dorothy's fear that she is losing her edge. Escaping to a remote area from her long-ago past along with a fellow Service insider, they both assume new identities on a tiny Michigan island in the Straits of Mackinac. Taking up residence in the opulent Grand Hotel, Dorothy questions their relationship and wonders if anyone can be trusted after what she's seen.Trying to remain in the shadows, loneliness draws her into a friendship at a new knitting and craft shop, The Creative Lilac. The camaraderie and ambiance the owners and frequent visitors enjoy disrupts her concept of marriage, family, and faith. Can Dorothy find her long-lost feelings of love before the enemies of The Service find her? Or has her past destined her to an endless life-on-the-run, never allowing her to know the happiness of home?

"What happens when you combine a love of Wizard of Oz, Nora Ephron, James Bond movies, and the desire for true faith? You embark on an unforgettable 1980 journey to magical, Mackinac Island." -Author Michèle Olson