Death Lease

Death Lease

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by Peter Marabell

The 4th book in the Michael Russo series.

In 1922, Augustus Sanderson hired Charles W. Caskey, architect of Grand Hotel, to build a “majestic cottage” high on the East Bluff of Mackinac Island. The Sanderson family spent summers enjoying warm weather and cool breezes off the Straits of Mackinac. They hosted elegant dinner parties for friends around the island. Camille Sanderson, like her ancestors, assumed responsibility for the cottage when her turn came. The lease for the land was transferred to her name as was the family custom. “Mackinac is my home,” she often said.

The lease remained in her name even when she married the imperious Conrad North.  When Conrad filed for divorce, Camille was stunned to learn that her name had been removed from the lease, replaced by only one name, her husband’s.

Camille hired private private investigator Michael Russo to learn what happened. “He’s taken my home,” Camille said. “Get my home back.” So Russo began a journey awash in deception, forgery and murder as he attempted to untangle the web of lies that enveloped Camille’s life on Mackinac Island.