Misguided by Dave McVeigh and Jim Balone PRE-ORDER

Misguided by Dave McVeigh and Jim Balone PRE-ORDER

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When 16-year-old busboy Jack, harboring lofty dreams of becoming a dockporter on Mackinac Island sees his aspirations dumped like a load of overstacked Samsonite, he takes a position as the youngest ever tour guide at historic Fort Mackinac. There, he stumbles into an unlikely alliance with a team of misfits who turn the fort into their own personal  Monty Python's Flying circus.

Together they launch a scheme so bold and half-baked, it will either save the for or land them in the history books as the dumbest guides ever.  Their mission?  Simple.  Discover a Marquette's Chalice, stop the Pizza King in 22 minutes or less, invade Beaver Island, uncover the truth behind "One-Shot" Shively, and, of course, not get canned.

It's another busy summer for Jack McGuinn.